Schmeelk: Knicks Need To Plan For 2015, So They CAN’T Trade Hardaway, Jr.

CBS New York

By John Schmeelk
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I give this Knicks team a lot of credit. Not many teams would come out right after the All-Star break and pick up right where they left off almost a week ago. It was another excruciating loss for the Knicks because of inconsistent effort, bad defensive strategy by the coach and terrible decision-making at the end of the game. If ownership and the front office began to forget what this team was over the All-Star break they were reminded very quickly that the Knicks are a bad basketball team. This chances of this season being meaningful are nil. The Knicks stink.

It’s an important thing to reinforce only 48 hours or so before the trade deadline. Perhaps those facts might just convince Steve Mills not to trade future pieces for a point guard who will help this year, but hurt the team’s future…

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